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150m. from Dionysos

The beautiful Kalamaki sandy beach

Kalamaki, also known as Apraos, is a calm beach located 37km northwest of Corfu, between the fishing village of Kassiopi and the beach of Agios Spiridon. The calm crystal waters and the white sand make this beach an ideal spot for peaceful family vacations. The area is considered quite well-developed offering tourist facilities for a comfortable sunbathing and taverns to visit after a refreshing swim in the waters of Kalamaki. Boats offer short trips to the nearby isolated bays.

4.1km. from Dionysos

The picturesque village of Kassiopi

The village of Kassiopi lies 38 km north of Corfu Town, opposite the Albanian coasts. This small picturesque fishing village counts 1200 inhabitants and is dominated by a Roman fortress where it is also believed that the Emperor Nero once stood near this location. Today, Kassiopi is a cosmopolitan town with several taverns, cafes, bars and accommodation. There are numerous bays around the village of Kassiopi. At the main road you will find the usual resort shops and many cafes. The headland itself contains nicer pebbly beaches where water sports are available and an abandoned castle. Beyond this is a small fishing port that retains its picturesque character.

9.2km. from Dionysos

Old Perithia

Old Perithia is located on the green slopes of Pantokrator (the tallest mountain of Corfu island), at an altitude of 408m. The village was originally established in the 14th century, during the Byzantine times. Its location shows the need of people that time to move from the coastal side and protect themselves from pirate and enemy attacks. The name of the village comes from the phrase “About the Divine”, because of its many churhes. Old Perithia is surrounded by eight churches, showing the deep religious faith of the locals. At the entrance of the village, you can see the bell tower of Saint Jacob from Persia. As you walk into the village you will be able to admire the numerous venetian style buildings and make a stop in the central square of the village as there is four taverns into the old buildings of the village. There are plenty of beautiful walks in this area and much to be explored.